Visit of the castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, events, restaurant, Rochefort, Belgium

Les Amis du Château asbl
Rue du Château 8
5580 Lavaux-Ste-Anne (Rochefort)
Tél. : 084 38 83 62
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The Castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne is listed as "Exceptional heritage of Wallonia". It is one of Wallonia's most famous buildings, as well as well-known symbol of the Famenne area.

While strolling through the Castle, you can sometimes hear echoes from the castle's eventful past…

A couple of the castle's highlights:
"      The walk around the moat that will also take you alongside the deer park.
"       Discover the inside of the fortress; you can visit it from top to bottom, from cellar to dungeon!
"        The Museum of the Lords of Lavaux during the 17th century : see how they enjoyed life in their luxurious surroundings.
"        The first floor hosts the Nature museum, and exhibits an impressive collection of stuffed animals that demonstrate the variety of the fauna in the Famenne.
"        The museum in the castle cellars evokes rural life in the Famenne area through typical 19th century customs, everyday objects, and celebrations.
"        Our wetland, a natural shelter for all kinds of animal species, is protected by the Walloon government as a natural area of "great biological interest". It is dotted with information panels packed with interesting facts.
"         Children will be disguised as princesses or knights, to make the adventure even more exciting !